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A psuedo project for Product diversifaction of a cafe – Over Coffee

Over Coffee Proudly Presents Express services

The specialty-coffee business is growing at a healthy pace. Cafes have now become an integral ingredient in many Singaporean lifestyles. With rising competition and inflation, added value service will set OVER COFFEE apart from its competitors. An “order via SMS and hassle free pick-up” is a revolutionary service in the Singapore coffee industry. This will be launched during the Christmas season

Poster explaining the service usage to the Target consumer : Working professionals

Poster – Teaser that empathise the morning rush and being late

Express service is introduced during christmas, the season of giving is used for promotion

Another poster to create the Impact of giving

Express service SMS order.

Now you can order your breakfast in less than a minute!

SMS your order as :
to 2233

Example SMS:
For breakfast pack B1 with coffee to pick up
from Changi business park at 8.10 am

“B1 C CBP 8.10 “

Pick up Area Codes(pertaining to Singapore):
City Hall – CH ,
Raffles place – RP
Tanjong Pagar – TP ,
Bio-polis – BP
Changi Business park – CBP

The Menu

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