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  The us the never was


As I moved in through the party
All I can hear was laughter
Nothing funny was said or done
They are just drunk and having fun
I brushed people and made my way
Searching for a friendly face
Smiling at stranger’s gaze
Had a drink to ease my stressful day

Standing in a group were my friends
Probably talking about market trends
Or about which celebrity did with which one
May be that’s what interests everyone
Does sex and money is their only priority I wonder
Then my silence is broken by a tap on the shoulder

“Hey, Happy birthday dear” I wished and hugged her
She grabbed the flowers from my hand with a funny smile
“As usual you are late” she pinched me gleefully
“ahh..” I moaned surprising myself, little loudly
I was pleading my friend to let me free
Then I saw you looking at me

It felt right inside me, your look

 Like a first ray of the sun through the dense forest


You smiled and turned around
I felt like lost and found
I can’t even write what it felt like
Mesmerized and hypnotised in your sight
“Committed, got boy friend”, my friend nudged
For that one reason, I should have caved
I smiled wearily and walked with my friend
Not willing to take my eyes of you for a second.

I saw you turning again
Searching for something in the place I stood
I excused myself and walked back
Our eyes met and we understood

We shook hands and talked for a while
Everything seemed magical, but it felt so real
Thanks to the loud music
And noisy chit chats that lurked
I got to smell your hair every time we talked

You said, you liked my poems
The one about love and other one about life
That comforted you when you were down

Saying that you looked at me


And jokingly held my hand
I saw something in your eyes, similar to mine
They carried unsaid sadness, yet you looked fine
I felt a sudden rush
I wanted to embrace you right then
To tell you that I am here for you
That if my poems can comfort you for a while
I can do all the way till my life fail
This is it, my heart shouted
Am I tired, drunk or out of mind? I doubted

There came your boy friend
Hugging you from back,
Proving he owned you
You got surprised and kissed him
You introduced as we shook hands
Soaked at the moment I didn’t quiet listen
I wasn’t desperate for you until then

He did not look handsome
May be he is good at heart
May be he loves you so much

 He was in designer suits and
I had my fine turtle neck sweater

Then you went away
A few steps later you turned
With your smile as bright as sunshine you waved
I can bet million dollars, u liked me
We don’t know each other much,
Yet that doesn’t matter
Its feeling that spoke between our smiles
The language of souls which never lies

I couldnt stop looking at you two all night
He made funny sound everytime he laughed
May be he treats you like one of his possession
May be you made a wrong decision
Cant you see? I am the one who is perfect for you
I cursed the time, myself and your zest
I should have met you first

It’s been weeks since I met you for the first time
Yet I think about you all the time
May be I would meet you again some time
I have a faint hope about your might
That you too would realise that night
Where I secretly smelled your hair
And you jokingly held my hand
That, it meant to be for lifetime


Love Blessed me

You said good bye.


You said not to expect anything from you.

But all I heard was “Good bye”.


And it all blurred.

You were talking,

Yet I didn’t hear anything.

You were next to me,

Yet I didn’t see you.

You were near,

Yet I felt so far away.

Like standing in a lift with stranger.


“Hey, are you ok?” you said that loud.


I woke up and Shook my head,

Suddenly I realised,

Realised how noisy it is,

Realised we were standing on the road,

Realised the world did not stop,

Realised 12 years of ‘us’ just died.

I may never know the reason,

It ended like a season.


I never thought it would happen,

Yet alone so peacefully,

Just like passing away in sleep.

No kiss

No hug

No “All the best for your future”


Just the silence.

No words to say.

No pain.



I took a cab home,

The dashboard had a sign,

“God is love”

I doubted whether they both existed.


It’s been a week,

I am still alive,

Since there is no more you and me,

I get to be free.


I went to work.

I cleaned my room.

I washed my clothes.

I watched TV.

I got along with just me,

I did my routine like a tree.


On my way to work,

I saw a baby.

She was covered in soft cloth,

And seated safe in the trolley.

She had big eyes,

Through she looked at everything .

To her world is wonderful ,

Even a leaf flying around made her cheerful.


I saw a busy worker by the fence.

He was drenched in sweat.

His skin was tan.

It shined in sun.

He kept working as if he is having fun.

The sun, the crowed, and the dust he felt no disturbance.


Then I saw a very old man,

He sat on the steps of the train station.

He seemed to be there everyday.

Few ignored him,

Few passed him with sympathy,

Few purchased the tissues he was holding.


He saw me looking at him.

He held up few tissue packets.

I took it and gave him a dollar.


“Have a good day sir”, he wished.

Just what I needed, I thought.


Few steps away I saw a old lady.

She was lost in her own thoughts.

She didn’t sell anything.

Yet she was there, patiently waiting.


I walked away and waited for the train

Only few minutes passed but it felt much longer

Time seems to have taken slow ride

May be it knows who are lonely and stays with them longer

Perhaps I can say “Time is on my side”


Now I saw the Old man eating,

Next to him was the old lady, feeding .


They seemed to be happy.

It doesn’t matter where life took them.

The poverty, the old age didn’t win them.

For Love protected,


And kept them happy.


Love does exists,

It’s live in front of my eyes.

It’s the reason.

It’s the hope.

And it’s enough for me.

It made me happy.


Love exists,

So God might also exists,

For he stays in heart where there is love.


My train did arrive.

I got in and sat.

“ahcuuu” I sneezed while picking up the tissue,

“God bless you” said the stranger next to me.

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